Yin & Young EP38 - Young in Tokyo

Aka the Kitasenju Crew episode. Note: the podcast starts in Japanese but then switches to English for most of the show. Warning: explicit sexual content discussed.

Apologies for the delay! I (James aka Young) took a trip to Tokyo not too long ago and made friends with artist Taku (left) and radio host/rapper Takuya (center) who asked me to be on his show. We discussed:

- The short film James was directing in Taiwan called “Ahma & Alan”.

- Takuya’s experience working in Cebu, Phillipines and thoughts on the political climate there.

- Cultural differences between Japan, Taiwan, USA in regards to women, dating, sex etc…

- Takuya’s Imagination Technique

Ending song:

“Rabbit House” by Plastic Girl in Closet

Episode on Takuya’s Japanese website: https://note.mu/takuyam0523/n/n76982bb0ffe7

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