Ahma & Alan | 阿嬤與阿倫

coming 2019 | 2019年上映

Ahma & Alan (2019) is a dramatic short film that follows a courageous, Taiwanese grandma that has to travel from the rural town of Lukang to the big city of Taipei to pull her American-born grandson, Alan, out of jail before he gets deported by an angry, immigration officer. Currently in post production. Approximately 20 minutes.


阿嬤與阿倫 (2019) 是一部戲劇性的短片。內容描述一位勇敢的阿嬤要從台灣的鄉村小鎮到台北救出她被逮捕的美籍華裔孫子,阿倫。她得面對一位憤怒的移民官, 避免阿倫被驅逐出境。正在剪輯中。大約20分鐘。

Short Film Portfolio

Let the Words Go | 分手的意義 (6 min 12 sec)

When Nyck goes back to Taiwan for a friend's wedding, he decides to reconnect with his Taiwanese ex-girlfriend. They walk through the local night market and reminisce about the past. Old wounds still hurt and Nyck searches for the words to let go.

Painting Hands/畫手 (2017), Writer/Director - 3 min

A stern father, intent on painting his house, keeps getting interrupted by his playful four year old son. When he scolds him, the son runs off and the father goes on a search to find him.

Originally created for Interpretations 2.0 (2016).

Moment/瞬間 (2016) - Writer/Director/Actor - 4 min

Charlotte returns to where she first met the love of her life. Memories and dreams return to her in waves. She must decide either to live in her memories or to move forward.

A love story set to haiku and music, 'Moment' follows Charlotte's journey through memory, reality, and an unforeseen future.

Disorient Film Festival of Oregon (2016), Honorable Mention - 72HR Asian American Film Lab Shootout (2015)

City Walk / 城市漫步 (2013) - Writer/Director/DP - 6 min

Young couple Zheng and Nicole are having a night out in San Francisco, when an argument sends Zheng on a chase for her through the dark streets of Chinatown.

Distance | 距離 (2012) - Co-Director - 4 min

When a man tells his girlfriend he has to leave on a long business trip, deep questions of love and their commitment to each other surface. 

Winner of - 2012 72 Hour Shootout: Grand Prize, Best Editing, Best Cinematography

Film Festivals - 2013: San Francisco Int'l Asian-American Film Festival, DisOrient Film Festival, Asian Film Festival of Dallas

Wired Fences / 鐵刺圍欄 (2012) - Writer/Director/Actor - 5 min

Based on the anime series Cowboy Bebop created by Shinichirō Watanabe and Keiko Nobumoto. Spike, a mob hitman, has discovered a new love and seeks to break out of the crime syndicate with her and start a new life. However, Vicious, Spike's ruthless syndicate brother, stands in their way. "Wired Fences" is an imagined prequel story to the Cowboy Bebop characters Spike, Julia, and Vicious set to the music of The Radio Dept.

Festivals: De Anza College Student Film Festival 2012, Herofest 2012

Finding the Words / 尋找的意義 (2007) - Writer/Director/Actor - 10 min

A few summers ago, Nyck, a 20-something ABC, went on the (in)famous Love Boat trip to Taiwan. Ironically, he actually did fall in love, with a Taiwanese girl named Christina. However, with summer ending,they had to part ways, Nyck back to the states, and Christina staying in Taipei. Prior to graduating college, Nyck receives a letter in the mail from Christina. In order to understand the contents of the letter and to reconnect with his love, Nyck travels to Taiwan to study Chinese and to find Christina. Filmed on location in Taipei, Taiwan.

小明, 一個ABC, 兩年前夏天去台灣旅行 (他參加 "美加營"). 在台灣他認識一個台灣大學女生, 小雲, 就談戀愛. 夏天結束的時候小明必須回美國, 所以他們兩個分開. 過了一段時間, 小明畢業幾個月前收到了一封信, 是小雲寄的. 可是呢, 內容幾乎都是用中文寫的. 為了看懂信的內容, 並且找小雲, 小明來台灣學中文. 實地拍攝.