Year 2041. For women, life is a struggle like never before. A single mother makes a fateful decision to secure her daughter's future. 

ADVANTAGEOUS is director Jennifer Phang's new sci-fi feature about a mother and daughter surviving together in 2041, co-written with actor Jacqueline Kim. Gwen, a spokeswoman for a cutting-edge biotech firm, considers a dangerous, breakthrough technology that is the only hope for a better life for her daughter. The story takes place at a tipping point in artificial intelligence and neuroscience and speculates on the impact of a singularity on the future of the lives of women and girls.

Directed by Jennifer Phang

Written by Jennifer Phang and Jacqueline Kim

Producers: Robert Chang, Ken Jeong, Jacqueline Kim, Moon Molson, Theresa Navarro, Jennifer Phang

Co-Producers: Qi Luo and James Y. Shih

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Kickstarter video directed and co-edited by James Y. Shih

Fight Life is a new groundbreaking documentary that gives the audience an intimate look into the real life of the modern day professional fighter. Directed by award-winning indie filmmaker James Z. Feng, this documentary currently stars: Frank Shamrock, Jake Shields, Nick Diaz, Lyle Beerbohm, Miesha Tate, Gilbert Melendez, Big John McCarthy.

Director and Executive Producer: James Z. Feng

Producers: Seher Basak, Lanser Boint, James Y. Shih

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