The Power of Introverts by Susan Cain

Heard this TED* talk recently that makes the case that introverts and extroverts both have something to bring to the table and that the introversion should be not be pushed into the shelfs of mental illness but of mental acuity.

This talk rekindled some old memories of mine.

I too have felt this push for a big part of my life towards extroversion. 

Early on, I think I tried too hard to be an extrovert as a way to prove it to myself, much like Ms. Cain did as well.

I definitely think it’s good to learn what your weaknesses are and to improve them, but also I think it’s just as important to know your strengths and talents and not surpress them, and I feel that I did suppress some of my natural introverted tendencies (watching movies and playing video games alone, etc…)

In all of us I believe are aspects of introversion and extroversion, the yin and the yang. A balance should be kept and I’ve found myself recently being a little more introverted, I think as a way to compensate for past extroversion.

*about TED