daly city

thoughts - 0007 - rainy daly city

Running in the rain, he feels an ache in his chest. He settles on a bus stop bench and watches the activity around him.
A man in a yellow safety vest sprints across the dark wide street, yelping. Two young guys nearby, under cover of an umbrella, talk about Kubrick films. An older Chinese lady pushes a cart of crushed cans. She mutters to herself about the weather.
He breathes in the air and coughs. Someone is smoking weed nearby. College memories return to him in a haze. The rain lightens it’s fall.
The night holds all these people with her hands. Street lamps reflect off the wet ground and dance with the stoplights.
Alone on this bus bench, he rubs his face and his hands. The bus is delayed the sign flashes. He gets up and runs.