Brite & Amber

Bear Safety

Brite and Amber are hiking through a forest in Canada. The crisp air sharpens their senses as they make their way through puddles of water and dark green foliage.

“What should we do if we see a bear?” Amber asks offhandedly as she pushes a branch out of the way.

“I hear you should play dead,” Brite replies.

“Is that for reals?”

“Let me look at the pamphlet.”

Brite pulls out a black and white pamphlet from his back pocket titled “Bear Safety”.

“‘If you respect their space and back away, you will most likely be safe. DON’T RUN. Bears will chase after you and are much faster than humans.’”

“That’s comforting,” says Amber.

Brite reads on, “'If a Black Bear attacks you, fight back with everything you got. Aim for eyes, ears, and throat. They’re a smaller species, so you have a chance of winning. If a Grizzly Bear attacks you, play dead, even if it bites you. DO NOT FIGHT BACK, you will lose.’”

A crunch sound snaps their attention to a patch of dark trees just off the path.

“What was that?” asks Amber

Brite, protectively nudges Amber back with his arm and creeps forward. There’s a patch of black behind the trees, just 10 meters away. Brite, gently bends down to grab a nearby stone. Distant birds call out in the chill air. Brite focuses his vision.

“Haha, it’s just a dead tree stump.”

He throws the rock and it hits the dark surface with a thud.


They continue down a small creek, Amber scanning the trees for any more signs of bears.

Brite notices this and offers, “Don’t worry, if a Black Bear attacks you, I’ll protect you,”

“What if it’s a Grizzly?” Amber asks.

Brite hesitates. “How big are we talking about?”

“Why does it matter?”

“Well, the pamphlet said not to fight back against a Grizzly.”

“Even if it was biting my face off?”

“I’d tell you to play dead.”

“You’re such a great boyfriend.”