Reflection Day

I’ll be going offline this Wednesday, 8/13, from 12AM to 11:59PM for scheduled yearly maintenance and reflection. I might be cleaning my room or doing manual labor for my father or wrestling a bear*. Not sure yet.

Reflection Day Rules (Some arbitrary, some not. Can be broken if it’s an emergency, like fire or aliens): 

No use of cell phones and computers.
No TV or movies (reading books made from dead trees are ok).
No use of cars or public transportation (walking and cycling ok).
No use of credit or debit cards (cash is ok).
No use of a proxy (friends, family, or strangers) to violate the above rules.

禮拜三8/13,12AM到11:59PM,我就不接電話或上電腦。對,我知道我沒有把上面全部翻譯,但是你可以用google translate,我是想省力(等於懶惰)。大概是這樣。還有就想沈思一下。如果你看得懂英文和中文,那你很厲害!你就知道我在這邊亂說。哈啦哈啦。