In July 06’, my then friend Long needed actors for his college photo project. He needed twins, so my brother and I being young and naive, volunteered. The results of the ill fated collaboration are the series of pictures seen in the video.

Despite destroying all I held dear and causing me to fall into a deep depression, Long gave me the photos as a gift after the exhibit. He says it was the least who could do since the car accident and at the time I took it as a sign of regret on his part and forgave him. It’s good to have a chronicle of the bright times as well as the incredibly dark.

My twin brother was really into Pinback and although it was painful, I filmed the photographs to the Pinback song 3x0 in our old room in Mira Mesa as a tribute to him. The REAL him.

Still in grief and shock over the events that transpired, I filed the film away to be posted at a later date.

However, Long got wind of the video and, as if he hadn’t done enough to me, stole back his photos and my laptop with the film and ran away to Mexico where he bootlegged copies of the film and became a prominent artist under the name Largo.

Last night, after five years of meticulous planning, I finally found Long hiding in Tijuana and executed my revenge. While burning all his possessions, I came across my old laptop.

It’s time. I’ve moved on and can finally post the film to an American audience.

May it serve as a reminder to everyone to not involve oneself in things that they do not fully understand.

Note: The characters and incidents portrayed and the names used herein are fictitious and any resemblance to the names, character, or history of any person is coincidental and unintentional. That is to say, this is all made up!