China Trip - Shanghai - First Impressions

So this will be the first post on my new tumblr blog. I’m writing on here because China’s blocked blogger. I will keep my posts and anecdotes fairly brief since I’ve found it hard to keep up with blogging and traveling when you’re trying to write an essay each day.

Day 0 - I landed in Shanghai Monday evening.

First Impressions:

1. Maglev is fast. 301 km/h

2. Coming into the city, the feel is a mix between Taipei and HK.

Day 1 - Tuesday

Went jogging this morning. Air is bad! After running around for about 20 min, I felt like the time I first tried cigarettes.  Also, aside from a 60 year old man I saw, Shanghai people don’t jog.

Did some bagua training this morning next to a group of old people practicing Tai-Chi. Again, I was the weirdo that stood out being the only 20-something year old hanging out with old folks.

Tuesday Night

Tired. Been walking all day. Saw:

1. Shanghai Museum: Real nice museum with old school Chinese art. I especially liked the ceramics exhibition.

2. The Bund: The famous Bund skyline. Once I figure out how to post pics, I’ll put one up.

Allright, till next time!