2015 going on 2016

A quick update:

I'm currently an MFA Screenwriting student at California State University of Northridge

My first year here and first time living in the LA area. I'm really liking the program so far and also enjoying exploring the city and meeting new people.

From writing, I'm getting a stronger sense of my own voice and what I want to say. It's been humbling and inspiring at the same time.

Also, Advantageous has been nominated for an Independent Spirit Award! It's competing alongside some incredible films.

Still developing some personal short films, one of which is "Moment". I finally finalized an edit for festival submission. Here's a still:

Moment   (2015):  Chari Chuang as Charlotte. Photo by Brian Chow.

Moment (2015): Chari Chuang as Charlotte. Photo by Brian Chow.

Till next time!